Black Business Spotlight: Ace Society

Ace Society is a clothing brand started by Maryland natives Janae Addison and Nicole Hill. The goal is to promote individuality, confidence, and all the efforts to be the best version of you. … More Black Business Spotlight: Ace Society


Black Business Spotlight: Hoop Maps

When ball is life, hoopers will go great lengths to find a pick-up game. Whether you are trying to get some cardio or play against some different competition, finding a solid pick-up game can be difficult in some areas. That’s why two brothers are helping you find local pick-up games with your phone. … More Black Business Spotlight: Hoop Maps

Black Business Spotlight: Curls

CURLS Beauty Brands is a natural hair care line that was founded in 2002 by Dellinger. A native of Sacramento, California, she always struggled trying to style natural curly hair. With the need to put out a product that could help women like her, she worked with leading cosmetics to develop a product that was versatile for not only women but men and children. … More Black Business Spotlight: Curls

Black Business Spotlight: A Little Taste of Chyna

A Little Taste of Chyna is a catering service that started serving 5 star meals back in 2012. Pace’s cooking journey started when she was laid off her job and could not find any work. Inspired by her mother’s cooking, Pace started selling plates at local beauty shops. With the help of social media, the business took off. … More Black Business Spotlight: A Little Taste of Chyna

Black Business Spotlight: K. Waters Fashions

Being in the entertainment industry can have long lasting effects on those who take advantage of the opportunities. That type of environment can inspire many to create their own lane and launch them into their dream career. Kisha Waters is one person who used her experiences to create her own lifestyle and her business K. … More Black Business Spotlight: K. Waters Fashions

Black Business Spotlight: She Got Her Own Clothing

For years Black Women have had one of the hardest paths in this country.  Their struggle to gain equality is still being fought today.  With the need for more leaders in the community, there is a pair of strong Black women who are teaching others how to be confident and bold through fashion.  She Got … More Black Business Spotlight: She Got Her Own Clothing

Black Business Spotlight: Pink Moon Loungewear 

​​​​​ ​When certain talents are passed down from generation to generation, traditions are guaranteed to stay around a long time. For a pair of sisters, the gift of fashion was a talent that they were blessed with and now are making the most out it. Shopaholik is the result of this talent and it is … More Black Business Spotlight: Pink Moon Loungewear