Business Spotlight: Force Of Nature

In this generation there are many ways to express yourself. From music, dance, and literature, expressing certain message can be a beautiful sight to see. In Los Angeles area, one young photographer is not only expressing herself but the culture she lives around through photography. Michaela Reed is becoming one of Southern California’s best photographers and recently helped launch a new art magazine called Force of Nature.

 Born and raised in Long Beach, Ca, Reed was introduced into photography at a young age by her mother who always used to have had a camera by her side.

“My mother always had a camera in her hand, which influenced my photography”. I realized that I wanted to tell stories through art, and the best way I can do that is by taking pictures,” said Reed.

Reed got a late start due to being involved in other activities. She had received a scholarship to play basketball at Cal State LA in 2013 but took a break from the court to start pursuing a career in photography during the summer of 2015. She started to gain a large following by taking pictures of various people and places around her neighborhood which gained a lot of popularity. Using Instagram as a key platform to promote herself, “_soulfull” (which is her Instagram username) became a popular sight to see on one’s timeline. Her brand would eventually expand as she teamed up with her friend Jaccara Queen to start an art magazine by the name of Force of Nature which bought out a new challenges and perspectives.

“Transitioning to a magazine was a smooth process. It’s more demanding creating a magazine but it a fun experience. I have been able to adjust from being someone who just takes photographs for fun to having a role in a business as a photographer, and contributing to a magazine,” stated Reed.

With many issues going on in the world now, photography has been a powerful tool to share certain messages of peace. Reed’s role in these discussions such as the Black Lives Matter movement is creating a culture where she can connect the people through her art.

“A way Force of Nature is trying to create more awareness is by having events, and putting out magazines every few months for people of the black community to grasp enough art as possible,” said Reed.

The events have become increasingly popular as different artist are allowed to showcase their talents from all platforms.

“Our events provide a chance for people to get out and explore other art forms, such as poetry, dance, music, and even creative skits are performed to show different ways people can be artistic.”

As the brand grows, Reed envision the business becoming more than a magazine but as a platform to change the world.

“I see Force of Nature going far and using the platform we have created to touch lives. More importantly, I see Force of Nature changing lives. It’s not about the art. It is about having awareness, having a voice in the community, expressing one’s self, and promoting black excellence.”

To learn more about Force of Nature and there upcoming events, visit the website



One thought on “Business Spotlight: Force Of Nature

  1. I’m deeply moved by how there’s still people who believes in fairness and black solutions.. Making the world a better place is definitely my goal but nobody can do it alone.. I feel like it’s up to the black people to start showing each other how we want to be treated and that means supporting, loving, helping and caring for each other.. I’ll start with myself!!!

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