Black Business Spotlight: Author Kareem Wilson (in his own words)

First, I would like to say how humbly appreciative I am that you have arrived at this point. Your dreams are truly calling to you; the first step is to acknowledge their presence. See them, engage with them, they are yours.

I am no different from you. My background is rooted in the same struggle as the rest of the masses who have not yet realized their dream. Born into a broken world, looking for my true calling, searching for answers and meaning amongst the day-to-day chaos.
Throughout my journey, I have met some challenges just the same as anyone else. What I have come to learn about myself is that I will never quit. I will never stop attempting to learn, grow, and thrive. I will not stop trying to give more and be more interested in the success of others than that of myself.
What I know is that your dreams are possible. I implore you, find that thing that your heart, your soul can not go without, and pursue it until you are unable to. Go after it as if your life depends on it.
Links to purchase the book:
These are available through purchase directly by contacting me. I can be reached by email at As of right now, all payments and processing are going through Paypal.

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