Black Business Spotlight: Good Guy Fashion

When entering the fashion industry, one must have a unique sense of style and vision. It is an interesting art form that goes beyond just wearing regular clothes. For Dennis Terry and Taquil Mason having that unique sense of style is something that allowed them to create their own brand. In a matter of time Good Guy Fashion was born.

Dennis and Taquil grew up in the small town of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Both always had an interest in fashion despite having separate styles.

“Taquil always liked the high fashion. The Louie’s, the Balenciaga’s, etc. I was always more of the “it’s not how much it costs but how you wear it” kind of guy. A pair of vans would do me right”, said Terry

Having a foundation of that everyday style proved to be the start of something big. With the support of their families and the use of social media, everything took off.

“It was realized as soon as we started this whole thing up again. Once he realized how much support he had from his family and friends plus my following on Twitter we figured there was no way we could lose,” said Terry.

The name Good Guy Fashion came from the typical looks that America is stereotyped by. Even though it does not apply to most these days, Dennis and Taquil saw this as an opportunity to show why the culture is beyond the typical “American look”.

“The original logo is what society would see as a “Good Guy.” A middle-aged white man with nice frames and slicked hair. Basically an oxymoron seeing as how we the owners would have a slim chance of being seen as a Good Guy simply because how society or “white America” sees us. Just because we don’t look like the Good Guy doesn’t mean we all cannot have good intentions or change the world somehow,” said Terry.

These “Good Guys” plan to branch out their product all around the world and have the drive to succeed. Knowing there are not any handouts in life, being a young black business owner in America is something that takes patience and persistence.

“Do everything on your own. Don’t ask people this or that, trying to get a handout. There is always room for improvement don’t take everything the wrong way. Also don’t force your product on anybody. The feeling is amazing when people reach out to you and want to purchase your merchandise.” said Terry.

If you would to like to learn how to do businesses with Good Guy Fashion email them at



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