Black Business Spotlight:CAM’S Collection


Finding motivation to become successful in your craft can be hard for many when first starting out. For Cameron Williams, finding that motivation was easy. With the help of his community, Williams put a plan into motion where his artwork would allow him to speak for the many social issues that are plaguing this country. Cam’s Collection would serve not only as a clothing brand but a voice to the people.

Williams is currently majoring in Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University. Even while pursuing higher education, Williams is already on his way to success. Both his brother and sister were small business owners which helped create his interest as well. Being surrounded by that business mentality, especially in his hometown of Pittsburg, California, he saw the success it brought not only to them but the community as well. Williams knew he could affect not only his life but also those around him in a very big way.

In time, his involvement in the fashion industry would take off.  

“A friend of mine named Clarence aka C. Lee, as he is known in my area, suggested that I start my own business. He said it’s important for every young person to invest in themselves and find ways to make revenue on their own instead of depending on a weekly or monthly check. I’ve also realized that within our community we buy name brand clothing from big name companies that don’t support us; the owners of those companies come out as racist and the owners say that the clothing was never meant for us. So I told myself let me make something for my people and something that has a meaning behind it,” said Williams.

Within the African-American community, the Black Lives Matter movement was formed, which created a lot of unity and pride. Williams got involved after he saw other black artist expressing their beliefs for the movement. It caused him to create more designs that would help the cause. With the help of his friend C. Lee, he was able to physically put out his designs on shirts which started to circulate around the area. As his business started to grow, Williams knew that it was important to keep building around community.

“Since its black business I try to keep my business working and creating with other black businesses. I used the talents of other black artists to vector my drawings and contacted a family owned business to print my shirts. I wanted to keep the money circulating within our community,” said Williams.

When looking at the overall Cam Collection brand Williams has designed, a lot of it comes from his huge interest in comic books. Some of his very popular designs come from super heroes he refers to as “Super Black”.  Though his characters may be fictional, the characteristics of “Super Black” are something that every black person has the ability to perform.

“I also chose the name “Super Black” because being Black means that we have mental, physical and spiritual power. The characters I created represent power, strength and overcoming obstacles/struggles. When I originally created the design it was to represent the people going through struggles, oppression and injustices. The reason they have the fist on their chest is to represent “power”, the power that all of us have as people to keep fighting against the oppression, struggles and injustices faced in our lifetime,” said Williams.

The movement that he created has gained a lot of support within the community. Being competitive within the industry is something Williams strives to be but seeing growth in all black businesses is the big picture in all of this.

“I also want to support the smaller businesses as well because I’m a small business and we all could work together. We could benefit from networking with each other and possibly collaborating in the future. I also won’t hate another person’s work because I know they worked for it and they were once in my position before. I have an optimistic personality no matter how hard things may become. I know I have to keep fighting,” said Williams.

Cam’s Collection is more than a clothing brand; it’s a movement that goes beyond Pittsburg, California. Williams hopes to take his brand worldwide and be a positive influence to black people everywhere.

“I see it reaching brothers and sisters nationwide and possibly starting a movement. I started this as a hustle on the side but I’m definitely going to let it grow and I’ll continue to build.”

To learn more about Cameron Williams and Cam’s Collection visit his twitter @Camcoolaidman93, Instagram @CamCoolAidMan & @Cameron_gl_williams or email or through Facebook.

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