Black Business Spotlight: Katchy Kharisma


As children grow, their imaginations grow bigger than them. Their minds wander to different places whether it’s with other children to the toys they play with. For Reyna Rey, it was the Barbie doll that allowed her imagination to grow and get creative. That creativity has led to Rey starting her own clothing brand and being involved in the industry in almost every way.

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Rey was pushed by her mother who always supported her dreams. Having that confidence was important to her as she knew at a young age what she wanted to do. Being a big fan of Barbie dolls growing up, Rey was infatuated with the designs she could make for them.

“I would always play with Barbie dolls as a child. I didn’t have a liking for all the clothes that Barbie came with. Therefore, I decided I would draw and hand stitch their new outfits from my own creativity and craft as well as inspirations that I gathered from some of my favorite celebrities. At the age of thirteen, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and wanted to become,” said Rey.

As she shifted her focus to the fashion industry, she would learn that networking would be a key component to being successful. Rey spent a year in Los Angeles and while going to school there, she was able to network not only in the fashion industry but other areas as well. This would be the foundation of Katchy Kharisma and with Rey’s creativity, this line of work would be very “catchy”.

As her all around networking skills have helped shape her brand, Rey has always remained true to her home soil, San Francisco. Being the diverse place “The City” is, she has found inspiration within her community to contribute to her fashion.

“I always get inspiration from San Francisco, to apply to my designs. I’m from Haight-Ashbury, so I always add that culture into my designs. I also add the downtown SF Financial District sophistication into my designs. I tend to grab inspiration from everywhere,” say Rey.

As her brand continues to grow, Rey is starting to put events together that will help promote her work and other artist as well. She is having a fashion show this month in the Bay Area which is another huge stepping stone.

“I will be producing a fashion show in Oakland on September 24th. I will be showcasing my line with three other fashion designers that I am allowing to be a part of my show, in order for them to showcase their collections. The theme of the fashion show is “Confidence is Key” Fall Fashion Show. I will be producing more fashion shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vegas, New York, Sacramento and more cities near you. I also love producing and promoting in my fashion shows because I am all about artists supporting each other. I feel good when I know that I have provided a platform for another artist to shine alongside me,” said Rey.

If you would like to learn more about Reyna Rey and the Katchy Kharisma brand visit Katchy Kharisma and follow her Instagram @reynareystyle.


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