Black Business Spotlight: The Mean Podcast


Technology is the wave we ride to get our voice out. From social media to music, there is always a way to share our opinion. Many of us are working class folks, use technology to get in touch with the outside world and get away from our nine to five jobs. That’s why three young men from the Los Angeles area are using technology to help voice their opinions to everyday people. The Mean Podcast is proving to be the voice of the future to young black people.

Lawndale High School is where John Williams, Desmond Hall, and Bryan Rivers met. Being average young guys in Los Angeles can put you in a large bubble where many opinions get swept under the rug. Once the group was in college, it was Williams who introduced the idea of starting a podcast.  Being vocal for the common man was an important value to him so he got Hall and Rivers on board. Both Hall and Rivers were already interested in journalism so this platform was also a way to elevate their careers

“I’ve always listened to various podcasts and I was a journalism major in college so I quickly decided the podcast route was for me. It’s such an easy platform and free for listeners to access,” said Rivers.

The podcast community is a unique community in which people engage in different conversations on anything possible. For the Mean Podcast, their foundation was built on the motto “where average guys take on average lives”, so they decided to bring in everyday people who are working every day to achieve something big in life.

“We’re everyday people that go through everyday life so it’s easier for people to connect and relate with us because we are just like them. It’s dope when we have a topic and people hit me up and are like “that’s exactly what I go through or how I feel” whether  it’s being in a relationship or at work or about wack rappers or anything,” said Hall.

As the podcast started, the group began to get good feedback which would lead to more and more attention.

“After the first episode we put out and people started texting us and saying they liked it and when some people had some choice words for our ratings for women. Then when people started wanting to come on and be on episodes and even sit in and watch us record,” said Hall.

Being three young black men in America, the Mean Podcast has also created a platform to voice their opinions on important subjects such as police brutality and other controversial topics that effect the community. Williams hopes the podcast can provide a voice to help better the lives around them.

“We can be a voice of influence for our generation. We all want to help our generation out and work towards a better tomorrow. It’s important that as young black men we’re educated (or at least try to sound like it, referring to myself) so we can influence other young minorities,” said Williams.

As this hobby has grown into something big, the group knows that this opportunity will take them to even greater heights and encourage others to create their own podcast.

“In 10 years we will be one of the most watched shows for millennials and all members of the mean will have their own separate and successful businesses,” said Williams.

To listen and learn more about the Mean Podcast you can hear to them on SoundCloud , follow them on twitter @TheMeanNetwork, and Instagram @themeannetwork.


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