Black Business Spotlight: I Am Success

In life we all go through certain events that give us a better perspective of society. These events can occur at a young age or way later in life when you’re an adult.  For Antjuan Mitchell, these events occurred when he was a young man and they would be the foundation of his purpose in life. A native of Long Beach, he went through a tough time but would be inspired to create his

I Am Success clothing brand. It has put him on the road to success.

Mitchell’s journey started out with these four words: Motivation, Determination, Resiliency and Faith. These were planted in his head as a young boy by his mother.  As he took those words with him into adulthood, he would get a major wakeup call that would challenge his motives.

A few years ago, Mitchell was living in San Diego with his step-brother who was playing with the San Diego Chargers.  After getting settled in with school and work, reality would strike.

“Everything seemed to be going good for me until that day I came home from class to get the upsetting news that my step-brother had been released from the Chargers and traded to the Baltimore Ravens.  It was good and bad news at the same time.  Unfortunately we had to pack our bags and move on.  I was at a crossroad and didn’t know what was next for me.  I was tired of disappointment and failure,” said Mitchell.

With his return to Long Beach, he went back to his mother who gave him some very encouraging words that allowed him to see the situation differently.

“I remember like it was yesterday. She told me, “Son, you are special.  You have a gift that no one but yourself can see.  You are successful already and that God always takes care of his children.”  Those words of encouragement was all I needed to lift my head up and to keep moving forward,” said Mitchell.

With those words, Mitchell was inspired as he sat down to create a message that would relate not only to his life but to others’ as well. One theme that kept running through his mind was “I Am Success” which would be the foundation to his movement.  Combining that with his great fashion sense, I Am Success clothing was born.

Being successful is an important aspect that we all strive to be in life.  With I Am Success clothing encouraging everyone to follow their dreams, Mitchell is preaching to everyone about true happiness.

“Being successful is more than money itself.  Money is a tool to build, control or orchestrate things that pertain to your life.  In order to be successful you must manifest your mind and heart to gain special keys to unlock that door to your success.  So being successful to me is being able to wake up every day and do whatever it is that you please,” said Mitchell.

Another way he gets his message out is to have community events that bring the people together. This past summer he hosted a community barbecue with a number of activities for all ages.

“Our community needs positive role models and leaders to help build a stronger society.  It’s very important to show love and gratitude to the community.  Also to inspire and motivate them; for them to know that there is so much to gain from this world, believing that you can do whatever it is you set your mind to.  Just believe in yourself,” said Mitchell.

As Mitchell gains more popularity through his message, he is definitely on his way to a successful life.

To learn more about Antjuan Mitchell and I Am Success clothing follow them on Facebook, Twitter @iamsuccess13, Instagram @iamsuccessclothing or visit the website


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