Dear Black America, We Gon Be Alright

Dear Black America,

Eight years ago we sought out change. We looked for leadership. Barack Obama was supposed to lead us to the promise land. There was hope around.

Fast forward eight years later. Mass incarceration, drugs, police brutality, and unemployment are still a problem in our community. Where has the hope gone? The man we thought was our savior will be out of office soon. Though he has done a lot of positive for America in general, we as Black American’s still must overcome many obstacles. Obama is not our savior. Hilary is not a savior. Trump is not our savior. We must look out for our own people and continue to build a positive platform for us to succeed on.

The Black SOULutions team is here to continue to recreate the black mind from the negative stereotypes the media has portrayed. As a young black man in America, I am a walking threat to society but I only want to see the best from my community. We were Kings and Queens back in our homeland but have been ridiculed to second class citizens during our time in America. It is time to link together as one and grow. Love your black skin. Men, women, and children. Let’s be proud of who we are.

The future holds endless opportunities. Create your own wealth, give back to the community, and educate the youth to make better decisions. Black America, we are an amazing culture. Don’t panic.

Your son,

Solomon Kirven


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