Black Business Spotlight: LYF (Live Your Freedom)


Freedom is an important aspect that we all strive to attain in life. Whether it is buying your own house or relocating to a different city, having that self-security gives people an identity. For David Norris, freedom meant following your passion and that passion has turned into creating his own clothing line Live Your Freedom.

The Live Your Freedom brand speaks for itself: Following your passion and live a life that is uniquely you. A native of the Inland Empire in Southern California, Norris came up with the idea with his friend and co-founder Patrick while in high school as he was just zoning out in class one day. “LYF” as they also call it, was just a lifestyle but it would soon transition into something big.

“We weren’t thinking about a clothing line or brand at this point. LYF was a way of thinking and lifestyle for us. During senior year we started making tees for the two of us with LYF on them to match our kicks. Our friends started asking for some and then it spiraled out from there. Other people outside of our clique started asking for shirts and wanted to pay for them. That’s when we knew we had something,” said Norris.

As people started to catch on to the movement, there was a great onslaught of support from people around the Inland Empire. As the Live Your Freedom brand continues to grow, Norris has used the LYF foundation to grow as a person and better himself.

“I think it’s been an ongoing maturation of the meaning/impact of what Live Your Freedom is. At the end of the day, it’s about going out and making a conscious decision to find your way. I think we’ve embodied this throughout our years & will continue to promote that moving forward,” said Norris.

In the future Live Your Freedom plans to branch into other ventures in the fashion world while still promoting a positive lifestyle. LYF wants to help as many people as possible, by bringing a positive mindset to the forefront and helping people believe in themselves.

Its starts in the heart. From there, it manifests itself in all of life’s endeavors. Business wise, we are already forming several partnerships behind the scenes to help give back.

To learn more about David Norris and Live Your Freedom visit their website at, Instagram @liveyourfreedom, Twitter @LYFClothing, or Facebook.


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