Black Business Spotlight: Lachele Cosmetics


The makeup industry has been a flourishing business for many years. Women of all shades use makeup to enhance their beauty and show creativity on their face. In particular Black women, have an interesting skin tones that may be more complex than the average person. That’s why Lachele Cosmetics is here to help them bring out their unique beauty.

Lachele Cosmetics was created by Terineaka Lachele Crawford who is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. The goal is to cater to all women especially women of color. Crawford’s inspiration for the idea was based on her own two tone skin complexion in which she was trying to find ways to blend her skin while not messing up the oil in her skin.

Being based in the New Orleans, there was a lot of inspiration to get from. Lachele Cosmetics colors and pallets are used from certain city aspects like the lights, scenery, and the festivals that happen all year round.

Crawford always wanted to get involved into the fashion industry due to her girly personality and business minded mentality.

“Growing up I was always girly so beauty was something that fell into play. I wanted to sell makeup, hair, and create my own clothing line but I decided to take it piece by piece so I chose makeup to start off with,” said Crawford.

As Lachele Cosmetics continues to grow, Crawford see’s this brand becoming one of the top makeup products around but at an affordable price.

“I see Lachele Cosmetics living up to the same expectations as MAC and Covergirl but at an affordable price. While researching the makeup industry, I saw people like Kylie Jenner selling makeup for $33.00 because of her name not the quality value. I thought that was outrageous. So, I promise to keep Lachele Cosmetics at a low priced value that will be suitable for its customers,” said Crawford.

To learn more about Lachelle Cosmetics visit their website at ,on Twitter @Lachelecosmetic, and Instagram @lachelecosmetics.


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