Black Business Spotlight: Wild $ide

The youth of this world play a very important role in influencing future generations. Though many older adults criticize the kids today, they have the power to change the world in a positive way. That’s why Wild $ide clothing is here to help inspire the youth and help find their true talent.

Wild $ide’s mission is about being different and unleashing your “spirit animal” so you can find your talents in life. The brands main logo is a bear which represents strength, courage, and being able to get through adversity. Wild $ide says that everyone has the ability to unleash their “wild side” especially when you’re young and free. People are afraid to be themselves and not embrace their God-given talents.

16 year-old founder Jenson Kokou, understands youth go through many problems in life but it only makes them stronger if they continue to believe.

“You know being young and still trying to find yourself, you’re going to go through trials and tribulations. Having a lot people look down on you and speak badly about you and it makes you so attached to how society wants you to be. We’re all still young in a way and we’re free and we all have a “wild side”. We just got to find it and unleash it. There are so many hidden talents that we’re afraid to showcase because of judgment,” said Kokou.

Kokou’s “wildside” was created when he decided to start this brand. The goal was to be a successful Black man in a world full of naysayers. Despite some criticism he has experienced, Kokou has had a solid foundation from his family and is determined to succeed in life.

As Wild $ide starts to reach bigger demographics, Kokou knows the brand will reach great heights serving those who need inspiration.

“I want to be everywhere and won’t stop till I am. I want to see my clothing all around retail stores. I want to open a shop in the future and employ people that are unemployed and really need help in the work field. There’s so many goals and future visions that I have for my brand. I want to be able to see celebrities in some gear rocking them down the runway,” said Kokou.

To learn more about Wild $ide visit their website at, follow on Instagram @wildsideatl, Twitter @wildsideatl, or email


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