Black Business Spotlight:Healthy Absorption


Staying healthy in the Black community is an important aspect that many fail to grasp. Areas that are heavily populated by African-Americans in the United States lack many resources such as a fresh produce and health clinics. With little help from the government, these communities will continue to suffer greatly over time. Thats why Healthy Absorption is here to help educate Black people that many of the products they use every day unfortunately can provide bad health benefits.   

Healthy Absorption was started by Tuekeha Huntley, who was inspired by her true passion which is to always help people out.  Guided by the teachings of the late herbalist Dr. Sebi and YouTube personality Sunkiss Alba, Huntley was introduced to the new way of healing and cleansing the body.

By researching endless information on ways our country is poisoned with the many chemicals and toxins that are in the air, our foods, and the water we drink, Healthy Absorptions goal is to educate our people to use non-toxic cosmetics, home and personal care products. With about 40% of men and women who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, Huntley plans to educate the masses and change the mindset into a healthy lifestyle.

When you visit the Healthy Absorption website you are given a number of tips and resources to help better your body. From learning about how to start an Alkaline diet to how to properly wash your fruits and vegetables, this brand is providing the people with important information that can save your life and is not taught in the classroom.

Some people cannot understand why their government would allow the food, air and water to be poisoned and cannot accept the topic. The information is too new. Others, are more open to the information because, for example, they know at least fast food is not good for them and are making a conscious effort to lessen fast food intake. So these people are more receptive to the information,said Huntley.

With plenty of knowledge to help those in need, Healthy Absorption plans to expand into a larger audience where more people of color can learn how to better themselves from inside and out.

Healthy Absorption in 10 years will be the biggest online retail health shop carrying healthy cosmetics, home and personal care products. Think amazon but all health related. I hope to have my own product line out as well. I want Healthy Absorption to be known as a lifestyle,said Huntley.

To learn more about Healthy Absorption visit their website at, follow them on Twitter @HealthyAbsorptn, Instagram @healthyabsorption, or visit the YouTube channel Healthy Absorption.  



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