Black Business Spotlight: Mocha Girls Pit Stop

Self-empowerment for women is an important trait that gets overlooked. When dealing with black women, there are many mental factors that can keep them from progressing in life. Whether it is the media or even in the workplace, Black women are portrayed in a negative light. Mocha Girls Pit Stop is an upcoming platform where women of color are inspired to achieve great heights in their life.

Mocha Girls Pit Stop is a blog created by Terri Lomax in 2012. The goal of the blog is to create a safe space for black and brown women to be vulnerable, celebrated, and encouraged. Lomax wants to reshape how black women are viewed in society. This was inspired by Lomax’s tough upbringing in which she was verbally and physically abused by her mother.

I developed a deep-seeded self-hatred that negatively affected every area of my life. Often times I walked around with a smile plastered on my face, but on the inside, I was in turmoil. It took almost 20 years for me to learn the value of self-love and to realize my worth as a human being, let alone a black woman, said Lomax.

In Mocha Girls Pit Stop, women can receive numerous self-care tips like relationship advice and personal development. Having a clear plan is another aspect this blog helps with as you are also given a yearly planner to help accomplish your goals.

Lomax got the name for her blog from an important life lesson.

Mocha Girls Pit Stop just came to me. A pit stop is an essential element of any racers success. Racing vehicles stop in the pits for refueling, repairs, adjustments, and overall restoration,said Lomax.

With the development of this blog, there have been a number of branch off operations that have come from this. Lomax started her own company, Terri Lomax Productions, which specializes in enhancing the lives of youth and black women through life coaching and live events. She is also the author of The Ultimate 5-Year Plan, which is a life plan workbook.

As Mocha Girls Pit Stop continues to help inspire black women of all shades, Lomax knows the impact this brand can have on the world. The blog will eventually offer more eBooks, programs, and other bestselling books while making other contributions to society. This pit stop will not stop refueling anytime soon.

To learn more about Mocha Girl Pit Stop and Terri Lomax visit the website at, Twitter @TerriLomax, YouTube, and Facebook.  


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