Black Business Spotlight: Pineapples and Afro Picks


Sexual assault is a very terrifying experience that can have huge mental and physical effects on women. Millions are traumatized every year and not only struggle with dealing with the outside world but themselves as well. Pineapples and Afro Picks is an upcoming clothing line that is helping to bring awareness to sexual assault victims while providing unique and comfortable lingerie.

Pineapples and Afro Picks was created by Jessica Ann Hall who was a victim of sexual assault while on her college campus at Cal State Los Angeles. This is her motivation to help spread awareness about this serious topic. Hall admits that she never thought about creating a lingerie line but wanted to build a platform to help other women who have been sexually abused.

“I suppose I want to use lingerie, something that is associated with sex and sensuality to bring confidence and self- love back to those whose most intimate space has been violated. For them to one day be comfortable with themselves and see themselves beautiful, confident, and even sexy,” said Hall.

The name Pineapples and Afro Picks came with some creative thinking behind it even though Hall claims it is nothing special.

“There’s nothing particularly special about the name Pineapples and Afro Picks. I wish there was but there isn’t. However abbreviated it spells P.A.P which is short for PAP smear.  In summary it deals with vaginal and cervical health so everything connected,” said Hall.

Hall is currently pursuing a career in nursing so the health aspect of the brand was always there. What separates Pineapples and Afro Picks from other lingerie brands is that with every purchase, a portion will be donated to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN).

Pineapples and Afro Picks plans to continue to work with other groups against sexual assault, nurses, gynecologist, and college campuses to help keep the conversation going.   

To learn more about Pineapples and Afro Picks visit the website or the Instagram @pineapplesandafropicks1.  



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