Black Business Spotlight: Ane’ Collection

Staying true to your roots is an important factor to maintaining one’s self identity. Many Black Americans do not know much about their African history so there is a huge disconnect that they have to Africa. One way to get people to learn about their culture is through the world of fashion. That’s why Ane’ Collection was created by seventeen year old Petra Anembom to help connect her people to their native homeland.

Ane’ Collection was a clothing brand started by Anembom as a way to express the love for her culture through African print fabrics. All of the products are handmade like headwraps and hair charms. As a native of Cameroon, Anembom grew up around fashion designers that inspired her to create her own material.

“Growing up I was surrounded by many seamstresses and was always going to the sewing shop to get fitted for a custom-made dress, which was always either an African print dress or my school uniform. When I came here 5 years ago, my mother had a sewing machine she wanted to send back home to Cameroon but hadn’t gotten the chance to, so I basically began teaching myself how to sew by using the machine and reading books about sewing,” said Anembom.

The name Ane’ Collection comes from Anembom’s name which translates from her native language “made by God”. The print fabrics that she uses are all African based. Anembom’s goal is not only to connect Black people here in America but other Africans as well.

As Anembom’s business continues to grow, she knows this process of creating Ane’ Collection has made her appreciate what she has accomplished at such a young age.

“I started my planning process in June of 2016, before I even turned 17, but I was in no rush because I wanted to take my time to learn about the whole process and I didn’t just want to do something I didn’t love or feel connected to,” said Anembom.

To learn more about Ane’ Collection, visit the website, Twitter @ane_collection, or Instagram @anecollection.



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