Black Business Spotlight: Byacole

Having faith in God is an important aspect that many use to help find their calling in life. It may take someone years to know what they can accomplish in life but when getting that sign, amazing feats can happen. Alana Coleman has had plenty of faith all of her life which gave her the opportunity to start Byacole.

Byacole is a design platform that mainly serves men’s accessories. Custom-made bow ties are the primary product they serve. Coleman, who grew up in church, said that  was a calling from God that allowed her to start this business.

“I started this company in 2012 after a prophecy spoken over someone else’s life. Yes, you heard it right…over someone else’s life. My pastor spoke fashion over a man and I picked the prophesy up in my spirit. I began creating what God gave me. Byacole started and still continues on”, said Coleman.

The Texas native who is also an ordained minister, is not phased on the competitiveness of the fashion industry. With the mentoring of her former college professor that instilled in her to always reach for her goals, Coleman has the right mindset that will push Byacole to the next level.

“God is backing me. I don’t worry about competition. There is not a idea out there that has not been through God’s hand first. I am just creating through the Creator,” said Coleman

In the future, Coleman plans to continue to live through God and inspire others to find their passion. She works with a number of charities including the SHOEnamite Women’s team that gave over 200 free shoes to the public.
To learn more about Byacole and Coleman, visit, Instagram @_adeinse, or Facebook @Byacole


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