Black Business Spotlight: Fitted Crown


​Black women play an important role in today’s society. With all the problems they have dealt with over the years, seeing a woman of color thrive in a positive way shows that anything is possible with the right mindset. Well one young woman is helping black women find their “crown”. She believes they are all queens in their own way.

Fitted Crown is a clothing brand that was started by Bria Hill from Oakland, Ca. As a college student, Hill wanted a hobby that would generate income as well. With her love for fashion and influenced by the many women who raised her, Fitted Crown was born. The name derives from her belief that all women are queens, each with their own distinctive crown.

“To me, being a queen comes from the inside. It’s nature. Women are queens in their own, natural ways, so some women’s crowns may be different from other women’s, so it’s a fitted crown. It’s shaped and sized for each woman individually and uniquely,” said Hill.

One of Hill’s big defining moments that helped her discover her “crown” was a Queen Nefertiti necklace she was given by her grandfather when she was a child. Despite not knowing who Queen Nefertiti was, Hill was intrigued by the necklace which would later inspire her movement.

“I had no idea who Nefertiti was, I had never even heard of the name. I loved the necklace though and I just left it sitting around until I decided to Google her. Some of the characteristics that showed up were “strong, beautiful, powerful, smart,” etc. So I began wearing the necklace every day and began to associate a queen with those characteristics,” said Hill.

As Fitted Crown begins to take off, Hills wants her brand to be known for more than just clothes. She wants it to be a platform where women can discover their true passion and become great at whatever they do.

“I am inspired to be an inspiration to young girls of the future, but I want to reach all women of all ages as well. Just by recognizing your worth as a woman and seeing other women as just as valuable, a lot can change,” said Hill.
To learn more about Fitted Crown and Bria Hill visit, follow on Twitter, and Instagram.





2 thoughts on “Black Business Spotlight: Fitted Crown

  1. Great post! I agree completely with the fact that being a queen comes from the inside. This reminded me of a great quote: “People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” – Elisabeth Kubler- Ross.
    xx Ayana

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