Black Business Spotlight: Ambitious T-Shirts


When we are able to do what we want in life, the expectations are limitless. Whether you start a hobby or activity at 5 or 30 years old, you always want to be great at what you do. For Felicia Rodrigues, her goal is inspire people to live life and live up to their potential. This is how Ambitious T-Shirts was born.

Ambitious T-Shirts founder Felicia Rodrigues started her brand based on the fact that she was destined to be successful in life. Rodrigues claims that ambition is what you need to make it in life to live to your maximum potential. Having a positive message would be a key outlet for her and her family.

“You see so many negative things on shirts and sadly people wear them without being ashamed of what the message is saying. Another sad fact about it is that the shirts that have a negative message seem to sell faster than the ones with a positive message. Plus I wanted to grow a business so that I can eventually work for myself and be more available for my children,” said Rodrigues.

With a strong background, Rodrigues has come a long way as she was a victim of domestic violence in the past. She has shared her story with many women which many people are surprised to hear because she is very full of life and does not look like she was abused. Rodrigues continues to inspire women that you can not let anything hold you back from following your dreams.

“Anyone from a CEO to a housewife can be going through abuse in some form or fashion because abuse is not always physical. I believe it has helped the women that I have met because I let them know it is okay to walk away knowing that they deserve to be free from what is holding them back from happiness. It is scary to take the first step but things can and will fall in line if you have the right mindset and people around you,” said Rodrigues.

As Ambitious T-Shirts continues to grow, Rodrigues plans to see her business help the community as much as it can. Creating jobs, providing counseling, and home ownership education are just some of the key aspects they will focus on.
If you would like to learn more about Ambitious T-Shirts and Felicia Rodrigues visit the Instgram  @faithwalkproject  and Facebook .



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