Black Business Spotlight: Self Explanatory Apparel 

Change is always a good thing. Right? Well for some people, that need of change can either make or break them. Changing your ways for the best usually ends with good results. That’s why one young man, took a leap of faith across the country to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. Self Explanatory Apparel has been a product of that positive change.

Self Explanatory Apparel (S.E.A) is a streetwear clothing line that was started by New York native Darnell Hubbard. The name Self Explanatory came from an old saying Hubbard heard which was “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”. So he put his own twist on it to help establish his brand.

“I came up with my own saying “Why say it; when you can S.E.A it. Meaning talk is cheap; don’t talk about it, be about it. And if you know you real, you don’t have to say it because people can S.E.A it and they gon feel it,” said Hubbard.


The brand started in 2009 but was put on halt until 2012 so Hubbard could improve his business and prepare to move across the country to Los Angeles. This change would prove to be valuable for S.E.A as they have had a number of successful pop-up shops and was recently featured at The Bank Sale, which is one of the biggest fashion expo shows in the country. Hubbard knows that this change of scenery has helped put his brand on another level.

“Los Angeles definitely helped my brand awareness because even though S.E.A has its strong New York roots, the designs still contain substance that’s relatable to most. No different than some of the top lyricist such as Jay-Z, PAC, Biggie, J.Cole, Wale, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle & Fabolous just to name a few.. They all tell their stories a different way but there still is that common denominator, the struggle and making it out of those struggles and hardships that take place in the inner city and around the world,” said Hubbard.

With S.E.A still expanding, Hubbard plans to make his brand worldwide and help give other young creative individuals a chance at success as well.

To learn more about Self Explanatory Apparel visit their Instagram sea_thebrand
Youtube    and Facebook Self Explanatory Apparel


3 thoughts on “Black Business Spotlight: Self Explanatory Apparel 

  1. Thank your for giving me the opportunity to tell my story and Remind those about the Forgotten City aka Buffalo,NY and that There’s a lot of Unnoticed Talent There… And Also Brooklyn is still the Mecca of FASHION… #FromTheStreetsToTheBeach


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