Black Business Spotlight: A1NE


In the fashion industry, having exclusive gear that only a few can purchase is always a major victory. With so many popular high fashion and streetwear brands, the demand for the latest piece of clothing is always there. One upcoming clothing brand is breaking ground with exclusive wear that is catering to all of its faithful customers. From the beginning, A1NE clothing has been loyal to the soil.

A1NE Clothing is a street wear brand based out of Omaha, Nebraska founded by Colby Jones. He started getting into fashion as a youth due to being a fan of Hip-Hop and the fashion that came with it. In 2016, Jones started A1NE which comes from the popular phrase “A1” meaning very good or well. Jones felt that was the best description of how he carried himself.

“After looking up the definition of A1 on Google I felt like it represented me and what I stood for. I hold myself to high standards and I like high quality things that stand out,” said Jones.

One part of A1NE that stands out is the membership that they will be offering to their customers in the fall who want the exclusive gear not released to everyone. For $30 a year, an A1NE membership gives you a members only t-shirt, 10% off all items, purchasing exclusive clothing, and creative input on upcoming designs. This is a special deal for those who really support the brand and want to be involved in the creative process.

“I came up with the membership because I want it to not only be a brand but more like a frat or certain group of people that can be classified or referred to as A1NE. I think it makes the brand more fun and cool because certain individuals will be wearing things that everybody doesn’t have access to, which is going to make them stand out and look more unique,” said Jones.

As A1NE continues to cater to its customers, the brand is branching out to newer audiences as they plan to travel across the country and spread their message. A1NE was recently at the Bank Sale fashion expo in Los Angeles and plans to attend the Sourcing at Magic fashion expo in Las Vegas later this year. A1NE is stamping their legacy to the masses all over.

To learn more about A1NE visit the website at or Instagram.

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