Black Business Spotlight: Celest Images


Having a hobby that can turn into a positive brand is something most do not think about. When you’re able to master something like a type of art or sport, being about to reap the benefits on it can be rewarding. One woman has taken on a hobby and proved she can enhance it to even greater heights. Celest Images is here to help capture your beauty from the lens of the camera.

Celest Images is a photography business started by Bria Celest in 2015. The native of Anchorage, Alaska got into photography after seeing a follower she had on Twitter post amazing architectural photos of Chicago. Seeing those images had her in awe which sparked an interest. She started just taking photos off her iPhone and even visited Chicago to capture the beautiful sights she could not see in Alaska.

The style Celest likes to capture is color while capturing people of color. Going away from your typical taking “cool pictures” and editing is not her style.

“The whole desaturated monotone Instagram look is really popular but I just love color and playing with color. I love people of color. I think my style is distinctive when people see it, it’s like “okay that’s Bria.” and I love that. I never want people to see my work and think it could be anybody’s,” said Celest.

Being in Alaska has also helped her career because the type of photography she does is different from your popular nature shoots that are done up there.

“My work really stands out because a lot of photogs up here do a lot of nature based things, whether it be portraits or landscapes and I don’t typically,” said Celest.

With her camera capturing all the color the world has to see, Celest Images will continue to stand out amongst the greats.

To learn more about Celest Images you visit the website email, Twitter @55mmbae, and Instagram @celestamemoir.


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