Black Business Spotlight: Unety Ert Magazine


Art comes in many forms for those willing to express themselves. Whether you are a photographer, poet, or singer, art is a powerful tool that many use to tell their story. Well, one man is putting his own twist on art while bringing in a select group of creative individuals to help push his movement. Unety Ert magazine is shaking up the art world.

Unety Ert magazine is more than your average art publication. The founder, Dupri Lewis-Hanshaw, created this platform for local artists to publish their work for everyone to see. The name, Unety Ert, has the letter E to represent expression and entertainment. The magazine features a number of Los Angeles based photographers, fashion designers, and poets who are expressing their unique passion to the world. Lewis-Hanshaw, who is a photographer, started the magazine in high school with a group of friends who wanted to branch out and change the art game. He has personally picked out his crew to help achieve some very big goals.

“I picked them knowing that they were as serious as me, wanting to become something in this industry and make a difference. I learned that no “ertist” in Unety are the same, everybody has their own unique eye, hand, voice, etc,” said Lewis-Hanshaw.

As Unety continues to expand, they have been in the community pushing their movement on the locals. Back in May, they threw their first art show in Los Angeles where they received a lot of praise. They plan to have more events in the future which will give the artist more exposure. Lewis-Hanshaw plans to have Unety create new lanes in the art world which will be valuable for all of his artists.

“I see Unety being the platform for my “ertists” and other artists, helping and using their ideas become reality and not have them thinking they can’t do it. When people don’t have support, they won’t function to their full potential, but with a little help they can become/create something huge,” said Lewis-Hanshaw.

To learn more about Unety Ert visit the website, Instagram @unetymag & and Twitter @_deesuz


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