Black Business Spotlight: Ivy Moon Restaurant


Everyone can agree that good food can bring people together. Whether it is your traditional American barbecue or having a taco Tuesday, food makes everyone happy. One family-owned restaurant is bringing back that good ol’ home cooking to one of the most diverse communities in the country. Ivy Moon restaurant is here to keep your stomach and soul fed.

Ivy Moon restaurant is a traditional American restaurant based in Oakland, California. The owner, Tanesia Sellman, was raised in Virginia, so many of their dishes are southern influenced. Sellman grew up watching her grandparent’s cook, which is how she developed a love for food. Her dream was to own her own restaurant one day. She would move to California eight years ago with her family as that dream recently became a reality.

“I just love sharing with people, being happy, and eating good food. Now I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have a restaurant where my babies can visit, and bring their friends and be proud of their mom,” said Sellman.

What makes Ivy Moon different from most restaurants is that the quality they put into making the food. All of the food is organic and locally grown which gives customers a clean feeling. The staff that help run the restaurant are all very close and committed to making this a fun and productive environment. As for how the name Ivy Moon was chosen, Sellman was planning to have another girl after her oldest daughter but ended up having three boys after.

“I had the name Ivy sitting in my pocket every time. So now this restaurant is my new baby and I named her Ivy. Moon is a part of my husband’s favorite restaurant in New York,” said Sellman.

As they continue to get more popular around the city, Ivy Moon hopes to expand their franchise into a few more locations while opening up a balcony level to the original site. Whatever they do next, just know Ivy Moon will always be here to provide good food vibes for everyone to enjoy.

To learn more about Ivy Moon restaurant visit their website and Instagram @ivymoonrestaurant


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