Black Business Spotlight: BusiBee


We all love a clean home but doing the actual cleaning can be a tough task for anyone. There are cleaning services that can get the job done for those who have time or very large spaces. Well if you are in the Philadelphia area and your home needs a good cleaning, BusiBee Cleaners is here to make your space look flawless.

​BusiBee Cleaners is a cleaning service that was founded by 21 year- old Maigan Scott. The idea of starting a cleaning service never crossed her mind growing up. Scott dabbed in different careers like art and fashion at first but saw how lucrative the business could be while using her friendly personality to satisfy customers. She also had a cleaning background growing up in Philadelphia with a mother who always made her children work around the house and learn the value of hard work.

“We all had a different order, and if we were hungry of course she quoted the bible “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” From every day spent cleaning and how hard she worked us, I thank my mom for instilling that in me,” said Scott.

What makes BusiBee Cleaners different than your average cleaning service is the care they put into their work. They use all green products that are safe while providing affordable prices. Whether it is apartment or work office, BusiBee has a staff dedicated to giving your facility a top notch cleaning.


“We offer a nice range of services upon demand whereas with other cleaning services, they’re limited. We make custom prices and we work within a budget. It’s your choice and we make every option available,” said Scott.

To learn more about BusiBee Cleaners visit, Twitter @BusibeeCleaners,  and Instagram @busibeecleaners.


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