Black Business Spotlight: Written Ambition Publishing


Using our past experiences as life lessons can go a long way. Whether they are successes or failures, we use these experiences to better ourselves and help others who may encounter them as well. One woman from the Southside of Chicago is using her story and voice to help those who struggle with life issues. Cierra Thurman’s talents have allowed her to create her own platform with Written Ambition Publishing.

Written Ambition Publishing is a publishing company Thurman started to help aspiring writers share their story and become published as well. As an author herself, Thurman has plenty to share with the world growing up in crime-ridden Chicago. Violence took her father’s life at a young age so growing up with a single mother and a younger sibling allowed her to grow up fast but learn responsibilities that helped her in life. Those struggles allowed her to write her first book, My Life: The One He Never Got To Witness. In this book she talks about growing up without a father and overcoming a multitude of obstacles in her life.


“I wrote a letter to my father explaining everything that I endured in my life in his absence, the good, the bad and ugly. Ultimately the book is extremely inspirational because it has the message that despite your circumstances, you can rewrite your story,” said Thurman.

Her next book, Sometimes the Breakup is the Blessing, highlights her time leading up to an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show where she participated in a “30 Day Date” social experiment. In that experiment she tries to rekindle things with her ex-boyfriend. She would eventually come back to show for another challenge called the “Clean Date Slate” where Harvey handpicked a bachelor to take Thurman on a date. She goes in detail on how to become the best version yourself and helping other women to recover from the heartbreak.


As Thurman continues to inspire others with her story, she hopes that Written Ambition Publishing will open up doors for other writers and help her grow as a strong woman.

“In addition to having a lucrative and successful business, I pray that my relationships amongst my family and friends are built on a solid foundation. I would also expect to have grown in every major area of my life: personal, professional, spiritual, physical and emotional development,” said Thurman.

To learn more about Cierra Thurman and Written Ambition Publishing visit, Instagram @cierra.thurman, and Twitter @CierraThurman


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