Black Business Spotlight: Distinctive PR



Receiving the proper exposure as a business is an important task that every company should push for. Whether it is getting endorsements or television interviews, you need a team to put your brand in that position. That’s where Distinctive PR comes in.
Distinctive PR and Management is a Los Angeles based digital public relations agency where they help talent and brands reach their full potential through new exposure. Brittany Bell, the owner, started the business in college originally as an online shopping boutique called Distinctive Clothing Co. Once her following grew on Instagram to about 40,000 followers in just a few months, her success started to gain publicity.


“At the time this is when Instagram was still fairly new and half the digital strategies we have now were non-existent. Gradually, brands started to reach out to me and asked if I could help build their accounts as well as help with branding them in front of bigger audiences through influencer marketing. Once I had three ‘clients’ under my belt I realized I had found a specific niche I was really good at naturally. All from the power of personal trial and error and the University of Google!,” said Bell.


Since then, Distinctive PR has represented a number of high profiled clients from Ray J and Amir Khan. They have also worked with Chevrolet and H&M on strategic media plans. Bell states that maintaining a good relationship with all of her clients is the key to making sure a successful campaign is put on.

“I try to stay as real and connected to each client I work with no matter how big or small the project is. From the beginning to end when I work with my clients, my number one priority is to provide an unforgettable experience. As I expand my business I am actively adding new accounts to the DPR family,” said Bell.

Throughout this process, Bell has benefited significantly from the connections she has made through this agency. With the many industries Distinctive PR has worked in, the goal is to become one of the biggest globally recognized companies that represents the top clientele.

To learn more about Distinctive PR and Management visit and Instagram @distinctivepr.


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