Black Business Spotlight: Flaulis Clothing



Seeing individuals do positive things to better themselves is always an enjoyable thing to watch. When you change your life for the better, others can catch on to the vibes of your progression. One man has changed his life for the greater good with a positive clothing brand. Flaulis Clothing is here to provide a unique lifestyle that gives confidence to all who wear it.

Flaulis Clothing is a clothing line based out of St. Louis, Missouri by Jeremy Sygh. The brand was started in 2015 when a friend of his convinced him to start a fashion brand. Sygh has had an interesting background being a member of the U.S. Marines as a young man but later found trouble with the law at one point. Facing significant jail time, Sygh decided to change his life for the better and get into something positive. That’s where Flaulis Clothing came about.

The passion that Sygh puts into Flaulis clothing is remarkable because he carefully creates every piece of clothing with the best products.


“Each design or pattern is carefully designed using high powered design software. Most of our graphics and patterns are designed from scratch. Other small clothing brands typically take a ready to go pre-made template and slap a name on them, then market them to the public. I myself take time to get inspired and develop a good design from a blank canvas to finishing a product. I design with the individual in mind so they may express themselves and their likes visually with style and grace,” said Sygh.

With its unique designs, Flaulis Clothing uses quality material to make its products. Whether you are in the cold or the hot sun, you will always feel comfortable in this clothing. Flaulis is not only a brand but a way of life.

“Being, feeling, and looking Flaulis is not just a brand, it’s not something you do, it’s not something you say…..ITS A WAY OF LIFE. Because when you step out for the world to look at you, you want them to look at you and instantly see you glowing with abundance of life and style. That will separate you and Flaulis Clothing from any other brand,” said Sygh.

In the future, Sygh hopes to expand Flaulis Clothing into major department stores, open warehouses where he can employ inner city kids, and sponsor events in the black community.

To learn more about Flaulis Clothing visit the website, Instagram @flauliscloth and Facebook @FlaulisCloth.


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