Black Business Spotlight: Cali Exclusive


Making sacrifices for the greater good always makes you appreciate what you have. For two young black men in the Los Angeles area, making these sacrifices at a young age was something that was needed to be done to become successful. Cali Exclusive has been making moves which have been paying off since day one.

Cali Exclusive is a clothing brand that specializes in men’s and women’s fashion. The creators Keenan Todd and Greg Robinson, are two very close friends from Gardena, Ca who started this brand in 2012. To get the business going, they pawned there PlayStations, controllers, and games to buy their first silkscreen printer. This type of sacrifice has led to an immense amount of success that many other local businesses have thrived off of.

“Today we have many accolades including sponsoring an HBK concert in 2013, creating warm up attire for the USF boxing team, team shirts for West LA college ASO, designs for Gardena’s Mr. Fries Man and many more,” said Todd.


With all of the local success they have been receiving, the Cali Exclusive team does not want any handouts. Being in the Los Angeles area, celebrities are known to help fashion designers promote their brand but Todd wants everyone to know they build their success on their own.

“One thing we wanted to make clear is that if you look at our platform, we have NO celebrity promotion and we are proud of this. Through 5 plus years of market research we noticed brands dying out with the ruined reputation of the brand celebrity ambassador and they had no control of the situation. This entire buzz was built by two young, BLACK, boys out of metropolitan Los Angeles and if you ask me, I don’t think we’re doing half bad,” said Todd.

To learn more about Cali Exclusive visit and Instagram @caliexclusive.


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