Black Business Spotlight: Wild Sunflower Chef 



Eating healthy is a challenge for many who choose to better their lifestyle. Whether it is giving up red meat or bread, many of our favorite foods we grow up on are hard to give up. One woman is helping people change their nutrition while keeping it fun and flavorful.

Wild Sunflower Chef is a plant based food blog started by Eva Cannon from Los Angeles. The goal of the blog is to show people that being vegan or vegetarian is cool and to erase the negative stereotypes that come with it. Cannon’s food inspiration came from her mother and watching her cook huge feasts for her family. She also spent time as the team chef for the Los Angeles Clippers which helped her gain more knowledge about nutrition and making healthy food taste good. As Wild Sunflower Chef started, Cannon’s family and friends would ask for the recipes of her creations because they were shocked it was a vegan or meatless meal.


Though many are choosing to go vegan or vegetarian these days, it is still tough to convince many to quit eating meat. Cannon’s approach to this is her marketing and the testimonies from those who have tried her recipes. She herself lost 60 pounds when she switched to a plant based diet.

“There are 3 different approaches to our marketing: 1. Our food 9/10 always looks like the original item or looks so good that people want to try it without even knowing it’s vegan or good for them 2. Our recipes taste just as good, if not better than the original. 3. You can lose weight simply from just eating a plant-based diet and not working out. I have shared my testimony and testimonies of many others who have lost weight from using WSC recipes,” said Cannon.

As Wild Sunflower Chef continues to grow, Cannon plans to spread her vegan recipes all around and expand the online community.

“We are hoping in the next few years to open a 100% vegan cafe in Los Angeles. Also thinking about developing a program to help end food deserts in low-income neighborhoods, along with classes and demonstrations to teach the community about the benefits of a plant-based diet and how to cook easy low cost vegan meals,” said Cannon.


To learn more about Wild Sunflower Chef visit, Instagram wildsunflowerchef, Twitter WsunflowerChef, and Facebook wildsunflowerchef.


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