Black Business Spotlight: Kids of the Kosmos

Connecting with your history is an important task to helping many understand where they came from. Many African-Americans struggle with trying to connect with their African heritage due to the stripping of their culture they went through during slavery. Well one family is on a mission to help their people rekindle the broken relationship with the motherland. Kids of the Kosmos is a here to educate and connect Black people all around the country.
Kids of the Kosmos is a school supply line inspired by African diaspora. Amethyst Legree, the CEO and Co-Founder, grew up in a time she and her siblings were not exposed to positive representations of Africa in the 1990’s. Many of the Black characters that were on television were usually sidekicks and the history of blacks in schools always started with slavery. Legree and her family’s mission is to expose Black children to more of their heritage.

“Today, there is a movement to bring Afrikan History into the fore, and for us to unite as melanated people around the world. We as a family, and the Kids of the Kosmos team, want to be a part of that,” said Legree.

To help Black children connect with their culture, Kids of the Kosmos provide a number of school supplies that portray Black children as positive cartoon characters. For example, there is Nefertari, who is the Student Body President and Chief Judge of her school’s Student Court. There is also Heru, who is an international student that is working to become a scientist. Seeing people of color in the school system by using Kids of Kosmos school supplies has many parents excited.


As Kids of Kosmos continues to branch out into more schools, Legree wants to continue to add more to the curriculum that will benefit Black students all throughout the world.

“We are working to have ongoing donation and sponsorship programs. These programs will allow us to donate our school supplies to afterschool programs and to classrooms. We would like to have not only school supplies but games, toys, and an animated series available for retail and for online viewing. Nothing is more important to us than for us to create ways to give back and boost the educational empowerment of our community,” said Legree

To learn more about Kids of Kosmos visit, Instagram kidsofthekosmos, Facebook kidsofthekosmos, and Twitter kidsofthekosmos


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