Black Business Spotlight: Harvest

In life we are faced with numerous challenges that affect us from reaching our dreams. Trusting the process no matter how long it takes can bring great joy when you finally reach your goal. Well one pair of siblings have been working to help provide motivation to others so they can accomplish their dreams.

Harvest is an athleisure clothing brand started by siblings Rachelle and Andre Berto. The name Harvest came from a slogan that Andre started while going through a difficult time in his life as a professional athlete. A 2x former Welterweight boxing champion, Andre had suffered a tough loss and shoulder surgery at the time. His trials and tribulations in his life and boxing career allowed him to refocus and get back to accomplishing his goals.

After resetting mentally, he got back into his work using the Harvest as his motivation where he must continue to sow his seeds in his profession to see his harvest (what he’s worked for) come to life again,” said Rachelle.

When you look at the Harvest brand, they are a positive outlook, looking to inspire others to reach for the stars. Everyone has a different “Harvest” but as Rachelle claims, focusing on the end result will take you a long way.

“Whether you are a student, an athlete, a teacher, or any profession trying to reach a goal you must prepare your Harvest. Things don’t just happen, everything is a process and it all reflects in your finished work. So as long as you keep sowing your seeds and remain focused on the bigger picture, nothing can stop you or get in your way,” said Rachelle.

The Harvest brand plans to be everyone’s go to choice of athleisure wear for many years to come. Reaching as many people possible to help them get through their Harvest will only bring the best out of you.

To learn more about Harvest visit, Instagram @harvestofficial_, and Facebook @HarvestOfficial.


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