Black Business Spotlight: Prissy Hair Co


The hair business is a very lucrative market to invest in. Women are always looking to change their hairstyle or enhance what they already have. One young lady has made a name for herself in the hair care business and is pushing for even bigger plans. Prissy Hair Co. might be in a city near you soon.

Prissy Hair Co. was started by Diamond Berryhill from Atlanta, Georgia. They specialize in hair, lashes, edge control, and other healthy hair products. Berryhill has been wearing weaves for a number of years so she is very passionate and knowledgeable about hair. As a current college student at the University of West Georgia, she started selling her products on campus which gained a great buzz and business took off from there.


“It took me about 7 months to find a great consistent vendor. Once I started selling hair on my school campus and I saw business was starting to take off and I was getting great feedback, I made a website and since then business has expanded to different states along with different countries, said Berryhill.

Knowing that the hair care business is very competitive industry, Berryhill is confident that her skills and background will allow Prissy to reach the top.

“As a business owner and having business owners in my family I’ve learned to have tunnel vision. You can’t focus on what another company in the same industry as you is doing. You have to focus on your brand and figure out what works for your brand. As told by many of my customers, I tend to build friendly relationships with them. Getting to know your customers and making them feel comfortable is one of my main priorities as being a business owner,” said Berryhill.

As far as the future goes, Berryhill is working to obtain a degree in criminology and opening a couple of storefronts in Texas and Florida.

To learn more about Prissy Hair Co. visit, Instagram amor.prissy, and Twitter OnlyOnePrissy.


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