Black Business Spotlight: Fat Mackin Clothing

Creativity is a common thread that connects many Oakland natives; it shows itself in the many entrepreneurs who are a major part of this city. Many who live here know that the Bay Area culture is like no other. The home of many influential icons, one man is submitting his legacy to become great as he’s always dreamed to be. Fat Mackin Clothing is the next big brand coming straight out of the West Coast.

Fat Mackin Clothing is an urban/street wear brand started by Oakland native Jelani Baines. The name “Fat Mackin” comes from his late father’s nick name. Baines is known as “Baby Fat Mackin”. The logo is an otter which is the Native American symbol for Aquarius which also is his and his father’s astrological sign.

Baines learned how to become a business owner at a young age, watching his parents work to become successful entrepreneurs.

“I can say I’ve come from the bottom to where I am now all because of the ambition and drive of my parents. They are entrepreneurs themselves, owning a daycare and a clothing line themselves,” said Baines.

What makes Fat Mackin Clothing a unique brand is that Baines incorporates his Oakland roots deep in his work which is nothing but loyalty to his hometown.

“Separation and creativity is key. You won’t find me copying another style. That’s not Oakland. We are wave creators and path creators. Something may inspire me but I make sure an idea is my own. Besides that, I think my prices are great. Hopefully I will be able to keep my prices at this level to make it affordable for the audience I target. If I wouldn’t buy it for that price, I won’t sell it for that price. Simple,” said Baines.

Baines sees Fat Mackin Clothing continuing to take over the Bay Area and then the world. With his drive and hustle, Baines has put on for his town.

To learn more about Fat Mackin Clothing visit the website, Twitter @BabyMackIsland, or Instagram @balloutjaykid.


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