Black Business Spotlight: Nubian Gods



The continent of Africa has so much to provide to those who are unaware of the priceless work it provides. Finding natural resources from the motherland can be difficult for those who want to show their support here in America. Thats why two women have come together to help give you these natural resources that can bring you closer to Africa. Nubian Gods is your one stop place to for all your African needs.

Nubian Gods is an African online boutique started by TaRae Johnson and Latoya Patton who both hail from Alabama. This boutique has traditional African clothing but also other useful products that help benefit mind, body, and soul. You can order raw African black soap, herbal tea, or aromatherapy products.

The background story of Nubian Gods started when Johnson quit her job a few years ago due to aggravating shoulder pain at her factory job. As the rehab process started, she did not want to rely on pain meds to ease the pain. Looking for alternative methods, Johnson was able to find ways to make natural pain relief products. The outcome was amazing as she started making numerous soaps that helped with her muscle spasms, joint pain, and enlarged calf muscles.

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As Johnson came with her idea to her current business partner, Latoya Patton, Nubian Gods was good to go. Initially the plan was to make the brand an all-black shopping outlet for African-Americans but as Johnson got more intrigued with the Buy Black movementshe wanted to sell African inspired clothing as well.

What makes Nubian Gods different from other African boutiques is the real authentic products that are for sale. 85% of the products come from Ghana and Nigeria. These are custom made items that will fit every customer perfectly. From the jumpsuits and skirts, to the joggers, these beautiful pieces will have all eyes on you.

The future of this wonderful business is headed in the right direction. Nubian Gods plans to be more than a boutique but an outlet that the community can come to and be comfortable with. Providing scholarships, loans to start Black owned businesses, and leading womens empowerment groups are just some of the goals they plan to achieve. This movement plans to spread across the globe and unite all Black people together. Nubian Gods has been the epitome of Black excellence.

To learn more about Nubian Gods please visit, Instagram @nubianGods and Facebook @NubianGods 


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