Black Business Spotlight: One of a Kind BBQ/Taco Catering

Getting a second chance at life is always a blessing. Many African-American men struggle to find their way after coming home from jail or off of drugs which a good portion see themselves going back not too long after. Making the most out of an opportunity is what one man did to help provide for not only for him but his family. One of a Kind Catering BBQ/Taco Catering has risen above all to serve for a greater purpose.

Dante Foley is the owner of One of a Kind Catering BBQ/Taco Catering which is a food truck and catering service in Los Angeles, CA. Barbecue and Mexican food is what Foley specializes in which have been a hot commodity around the LA area.

“My food is different. I’m the Black taco man and I think I’m the only one doing BBQ and Mexican food daily and I got the different flavor corn. Everybody don’t have the corn yet in different flavors but I know it’s coming to the hood,” said Foley.

The idea to start a food truck came from getting a second opportunity in life. Foley was living the fast life and wanted to make some legit money. As a father of nine children, he has taken on the responsibility of being a great business man and mentor which has led to an immense amount of respect.

With One of a Kind Catering getting more popular each week, Foley wants to continue to expand his business and keep his positive lifestyle.

“10 years I see One of a Kind doing good , having a lot of catering trucks everywhere, my name to be a household name when they mention some great chefs, and being happy that we still here after 10 years. Overall just keep growing, learning, and keep trying to figure it all out to maintain my business,” said Foley.


To learn more about One of a Kind Catering visit the Instagram page @oneofakind_bbq_tacos_catering, Facebook oneofakindbbqandtacos or call to 424-391-2273 to see where the location will be.


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