Black Business Spotlight: Pink Moon Loungewear 


​When certain talents are passed down from generation to generation, traditions are guaranteed to stay around a long time. For a pair of sisters, the gift of fashion was a talent that they were blessed with and now are making the most out it. Shopaholik is the result of this talent and it is paying off very well.

Shopaholik is a trendy clothing line started by sisters Saicia Turner and Cara Russell from Maryland. Growing up in a home where there was a long line of artists, it was embedded that the sisters were going to be in that industry. Saicia started sewing and illustrating designs at a young age which serve as her base for her craft. In high school she and her three best friends, would put on her schools first ever fashion show and proved she was onto something big.

2012 was the year the sisters launched Shopaholik but would suffer some setbacks after going on a two year hiatus. When they did relaunch they started making handmade strappy crop tops which were very popular. The idea that really put Shopaholik over the top was the creation of the Pink Moon line.

“In February of 2016, my sister Cara proposed the idea of us creating a sleepwear line. At the time we did not know of any smaller loungewear companies, so we decided to give it a try. We sketched the designs, sourced our fabrics, and made our first collection. My sister already had quite a large social media following from her AMAZING illustrations, so we introduced Pink Moon to her audience and everyone loved it! Pink Moon is our major brand under Shopaholik,” said Saicia.

With the Pink Moon Collection really taking off, the Shopaholik brand continues to separate from the competition as they create a style that is unique and hip to their consumers.

“We always try to create simple and cute signature designs. More recently we have been incorporating different prints and textured fabrics, which really helps us to stand out. So far, I think that we have been successful in creating a distinctive look for our brand. We also offer other trendy brands in order to give our customers a wide variety of items to choose from,” said Saicia.

To learn more about Shopaholik visit, Instragram @shopaholikllcs, Twitter @PinkmoonLW, and Facebook @shopaholikllc


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