Black Business Spotlight: She Got Her Own Clothing

For years Black Women have had one of the hardest paths in this country.  Their struggle to gain equality is still being fought today.  With the need for more leaders in the community, there is a pair of strong Black women who are teaching others how to be confident and bold through fashion.  She Got Her Own Clothing (SGHOC) is helping women to be victorious.

SGHOC is a clothing line that helps women, through fashion, faith, culture, and femininity front and center.  SGHOC gives them a sense of empowerment and pride.  The apparel has a number of inspirational messages that provide encouragement and motivation for Black women.  Whether it’s “Melanin Poppin” or the “Queenin” shirt, these sayings are important in the development of black girls’ magic.

In the beginning, SGHOC was located in New Life Community Church in Oakland where the Lord allowed Nicole Day and Leandrea Mack to meet.  These two women are sisters in Christ and share an unbreakable bond.  As they shared their passion to be entrepreneurs, it was evident they were destined to work together and create a lasting legacy.

In the Bay Area, there are a many influential women who are from this region and have made a long lasting impact on the world.  Day and Mack are on the way to helping women get their swagger back. Both were raised in strong households that preached working hard and getting your education. These are just some of the traits that SGHOC preaches on. Receiving the proper recognition it has helped push the movement. Their clothing have already been featured in multiple publications like the Black Girls Khronicles and the Curlycorner.

Though the road to greatness is never easy, the SGHOC brand is continuing to work hard to help women all over the world.  Owning multiple store fronts which they can pass down to their children is the lifelong goal.  Inspiration for Black women to “get her own” will be in good hands for years to come. Next year they will be participating at the Divah Filez: DivahstakeAtl2.0 Fashion Show at Morehouse College in January 2018.

To learn more about She Got Her Own Clothing visit, Instagram shegotherownclothing, Twitter shegotherownclo , and Facebook/SheGotHerOwnClothing.


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