Black Business Spotlight: Bundles for Queens


When a woman gets her hair done, you can tell a confidence boost has been given. Whether you go to the salon or do it from home, that feeling when you’re done and look in the mirror to see your fresh bundles are prospering. Although the finished product when getting your hair done is amazing, the products that you use to get your hair the way it is are very important. Bundles For Queens is here to help provide women with the best bundles on the market.

Bundles For Queens is a luxury hairline and beauty product line started by Tatyana Billingsley from Atlanta, Georgia. Billingsley was into hair and beauty growing up so it only seemed right to create a business behind it. With a desire to be an entrepreneur, she linked up with a friend to create Bundles For Queens while being a student at Savannah State University. Serving women all over the world is a task that Billingsley loves to take on because women love their hair.

The products that are offered by Bundles For Queens are guaranteed to give any woman the look they desire. Bundles that are provided from this business are the highest quality virgin hair. All of the customers have been impressed by the hair claiming it is the best they have ever used. There are also other hair products that they provide like edge control and flat irons that help keep you looking good all the time.

Being in a thriving economy like Atlanta, Billingsley has learned to provide the best customer service to all she works with. As her business grew in the college community, the empire has also grown worldwide. Informing other women on how to treat and take care of their hair is a task Billingsley prides on. Bringing out their confidence through their hair can go a long way.

In the near future you can expect a Bundles For Queens store in Atlanta and Savanah. Billingsley plans to keep the business in the family by letting her daughter run it one day.

To learn more about Bundles For Queen’s visit, Instagram/ @_bundlesforqueens/ ty_stunning, Twitter/ @bundles/4queens/ ty_stunning, Facebook/ @tystunning, email, or call 404-573-7385.


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