Black Business Spotlight: K. Waters Fashions


Being in the entertainment industry can have long lasting effects on those who take advantage of the opportunities. That type of environment can inspire many to create their own lane and launch them into their dream career. Kisha Waters is one person who used her experiences to create her own lifestyle and her business K. Waters Fashions.

K. Waters Fashions is a fashion boutique started back in 2009 by Waters. The business offers a number of services like her clothing line (GGI) and personal styling. Waters was inspired early in life as she was involved in the fashion industry growing up a dancing for a number of music artist. Seeing how everyone dressed differently all around the world sparked an interest to get involved in some way or form.


When K. Waters Fashions started, they were one of the first online fashion boutiques at the time but went through a rough patch as they closed down in 2012 due to relocation. Despite that setback Waters knows what the business is capable of in such a competitive industry.

“At the time back in 2009 I felt like I was out there by myself, there really wasn’t any competition, all of the bloggers wanted to interview me and anyone that was putting on a fashion show wanted me to be a part of it. I keep myself separate from other style houses and boutiques by staying in my lane and continually being creative,” said Waters.

As everything comes into play, Waters is working on expanding the K. Waters Fashion brand into a go to place for all of the latest fashion trends.

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We open our transitioning from online to our location in the Los Angeles Fashion District DTLA this year (2017) In the next 10 years K. Waters Fashions GGI will be one of the top high fashion brands and style houses in the world. With designer schools and locations in every major city,” said Waters.

To learn more about K. Waters Fashions visit, Instagram @kwatersfashionsggi, Twitter @TRUFASHION, and Facebook @kwatersfashionsggi.



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