Black Business Spotlight: A Little Taste of Chyna


Great eats are never hard to find in Los Angeles. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from that can satisfy your taste buds. Despite the wide vast of choices, nothing is better than some good ol’ home cooked food, especially when it can be catered right to your home. That’s why Chyna Pace is serving the Los Angeles area with gourmet home cooked food that is better than most restaurants.

A Little Taste of Chyna is a catering service that started serving 5 star meals back in 2012. Pace’s cooking journey started when she was laid off her job and could not find any work. Inspired by her mother’s cooking, Pace started selling plates at local beauty shops. With the help of social media, the business took off.

When you order from A Little Taste of Chyna, you are receiving food that may make you never want to eat at any other 5 star restaurant ever again. From grilled chicken breast with cajun garlic butter or some traditional Jambalaya, Pace’s work will definitely have you coming back for more. Delivery is available for locals who want a quality meal delivered right to their door step. They also have a number of healthy options for those looking to lose weight or those who are vegan. From vegan enchiladas to chili, everyone from all walks of life will be satisfied. Meal prep options are also available for those who need better structure in their nutrition.

What really sets Pace apart from the rest of the competition is the signature products she makes that you cannot get anywhere else. You want detox water and tea? You got it! Homemade garlic butter? No problem! A Little Taste of Chyna has these special items that make her food the delicacy it is.

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As the customers continue to roll in, Pace has huge goals for Little A Taste of Chyna. Opening a future restaurant and having her products in grocery stores are some future plans. Cooking for celebrities would also be a task she would love to take on. So grab you a plate if you are in the Los Angeles area and taste greatness.

To learn more Like A Taste of Chyna email, call 424-789-9606, or Instagram/A_Little_Taste_of_chyna.




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