Black Business Spotlight: Curls

One of the hardest task for a woman to control every day is her hair. Naturally curly hair women are always looking to find products to help them get them through the day. Weather it is to moisturize, wash, or condition, there are a limited amount of products for those who have curly hair, especially if they are African-American. That’s why Mahisha Dellinger was able to create a product that could help curly women all over the world.

CURLS Beauty Brands is a natural hair care line that was founded in 2002 by Dellinger. A native of Sacramento, California, she always struggled trying to style natural curly hair. With the need to put out a product that could help women like her, she worked with leading cosmetics to develop a product that was versatile for not only women but men and children. If you ever visit your local Target, CVS, or Sally’s you will find CURLS Beauty Brands products sitting on the shelf. From cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, or styling products, your curly hair will be treated the right way.


Dellinger is a natural hustler who was raised in a violent environment in Sacramento. Even with the odds against her during her life she was able to overcome violence and heartbreak which only made her stronger. Gaining wealth was also a task she wanted to attain in her life. In Dellinger’s autobiography, Against All Odds: From The Projects To The Penthouse, Dellinger explains how to attain wealth in your life and starting a business from scratch. Being financially dependent can be a struggle for most, so giving the blueprint to the masses was important to her.

When you first try curls products, you feel amazed by the feeling and nutrients it provides your hair. Whether you use the Blueberry Bliss hair wash or the Coconut Dream conditioner, CURLS Beauty Brands uses natural organic extracts from the earth that are best for your hair. The nutrients from fruits like blueberries and pineapples, help lift dirt from hair. Many of the hair products women use contain harmful chemicals such and sulfates and parabens that stripped your hair of its natural shine and flare.

The future of CURLS Beauty Brands continues to be on the rise as more women are changing their curly hair routine. They always give their customers a chance to try their products first hand at numerous pop up shops. You can catch a CURLS Beauty Brands booth all throughout the country at events like the BET Awards Experience or the Essence Festival. You can now find more curls products for kids and men with curly hair as well.

To learn more about CURLS Beauty Brands visit, Instagram curls, Twitter frizzfreeCURLS, and Facebook FrizzFreeCurls.


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