Black Business Spotlight: Ace Society

The phrase “confidence is key” is a very important factor when trying to achieve all of your goals. Having a winning mindset is a major key to success. Well, there are two women that have come together to form a brand that gives people the confidence to be all they can be. Ace Society is here to help you achieve your wildest dreams.

Ace Society is a clothing brand started by Maryland natives Janae Addison and Nicole Hill. The goal is to promote individuality, confidence, and all the efforts to be the best version of you. Using fashion was a way for these young women to help express themselves without using words or actions.

The logo for Ace Society consists of an ace of spades and an eagle. They both represent being tenacious, bright, and brilliant. These traits are important when overcoming the odds at whatever task you face in life. Addison and Hill are both college students pursuing engineering degrees. If you look deep into the engineering community, only about 1% of the students are African-American women. Despite the lack of diversity, these two are determined to make the best out of their situation and prove all of the doubters wrong.

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Though many see fashion as a way to make a name for themselves, the team at Ace Society knows that it is also important to help others in the industry. Collaborating with local photographers, graphic designers and other artists are some of the ways they help put others on. This double promotion technique is vital especially for small business owners. Seeing the individuality and personality that are used in these projects, especially the photoshoots, you can tell that they are having fun and love what they do.

The future is bright for this young business. As Ace Society continues to provide the torch for success, their goal is to spread awareness on their brand to as many people possible. Scholarship programs and donating money back into the community are just some of the ways Ace Society will contribute back to those looking to make positive difference in their lives.

To learn more about Ace Society visit, email, Twitter _ACESociety, and Instagram _acesociety_.




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