Black Inspiration Spotlight: William H. Bryant Jr.


The road to Hollywood is a tough task that many young actors and actresses go through on a daily basis. People come from all walks of life to one day make it on the big screen. With all the politics and broken promises that happen in the industry, the chances of you making it big are very slim. Despite the odds, one young man has risen above the occasion and is earning respect in the film industry while proving to be one of the bright stars that may last for years to come.

William H. Bryant Jr. is an up and coming actor from Foster City, California who has appeared in a number of noteworthy shows within the last few years. His first major appearance came on the show Wives with Knives which aired on the Discovery Channel. Since then he has starred in a number of short films but recently was given his big break as Aaron Jeffries in the hit show Greenleaf on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Despite not appearing until season two, Bryant’s role in the show has added a great spark in the story line. He plays a lawyer who helps the Greenleaf family battle certain legal issues and also gets caught up with a number of personal issues as well.


The start of Bryant’s career actually came in Vancouver, Canada where he was a student-athlete in college at the time. Referred to “Hollywood North,” Bryant was intrigued by the acting life when he saw a couple live plays and thought he might give it a try. That’s all it took as he has dedicated himself to becoming a big part in this industry. A move back to California is what he needed to get in the game. His first audition was actually for Wives with Knives in which he got the part. Bryant continued to take more acting classes which only helped his career. He is currently signed with Aqua Talent Agency.

With Greenleaf being renewed for another season, Bryant plans to make more appearances on the show. He is currently working on a number of other projects as he plans to produce content as well.


To learn more about William H. Bryant Jr. visit , Instagram thewilljr and Twitter theWillJr100.


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