Black Business Spotlight: Sarah Owusu Art

The art of painting requires patience and creativity, a special talent that many struggle to attain. Finding your niche as a painter is what helps you grow, gain confidence and build your audience. One artist has found her trademark look and is changing the way you look at paintings. Colors have taken over the canvas.

Sarah Owusu is an up and coming painter from the United Kingdom who is gaining a huge buzz around the country. Originally from Ghana, Owusu was always a creative individual but the thought of pursing an art career was not really an option in an African household. It would take a near death experience to reveal her true passion.

The year 2012 changed everything. Owusu suffered from facial paralysis that left her unable to control the muscles on the left side of her face. This traumatic experience inspired her to use painting to ease the pain. It has paid off in a huge way.

When you look at Owusu’s work, many of her paintings contain bright colors. Even the portraits of notable public figures like Malcom X and Michael Jackson contain a vast amount of color. Owusu prefers painting in many colors because it allows her more self-expression.  Having the freedom to paint whatever she wants is what gives her the power to create such wonderful projects.

The community has been very receptive to Owusu’s work as she continues to share her passion with the world. Once they see what she brings to the table, there is an appreciation for her work. This art form may not be as popular now in today’s society but its value is being recognized.

Wherever painting takes Owusu, one thing is for sure: influencing others will always be the top priority. Having her work shown all over the world in different exhibits gives her brand the much needed exposure to become an all- time great. Being a mentor to other young African women is also a priority as Owusu ventures into other fields. This artist is painting an important picture for everyone to see.

To learn more about Sarah Owusu visit her website or follow her on Instagram @sowusu, Twitter @owusuism, and Facebook @owusuism.


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