Black Business Spotlight: Black Rabbit Catering


The role models that we have early in our life make a huge difference on what type of person we become. From parents, teachers, or friends in the neighborhood, kids pick up on vibes which can translate heavy into their future. For one woman, learning how to cook from her Aunt inspired her to reach for the stars and start her own catering service. Chef Rabbit meals will change your life for the better.

Black Rabbit Catering is a family owned catering service based in the Long Beach area. Started by Maleeka Harris aka Chef Rabbit, the idea to start her own business happened when she was a child growing up watching her Aunt Kalilah whip up amazing meals in the kitchen. That interest in the culinary world, inspired her to one day become a chef. The name Rabbit comes from a nickname her boyfriend randomly gave her which led her to add on Black to jazz it up. Once Harris’s friends started to promote her food, the term Black Rabbit Catering became the name and everything fell into place.

When it is time to indulge in a Chef Rabbit meal, only the finest ingredients are used to satisfy the customers. Anything that comes from a box or can is a no go. You can taste the freshness of her breakfast pizza or chipotle shrimp sliders. The dedication Harris puts in her food is shown when people try it for the first time. Seeing a smile on someone’s face as they eat jumbo shrimp on homemade brioche bun makes her day. Honing your craft can take you a long way and Chef Rabbit is definitely going places with her cooking.

As Chef Rabbit tries to improve her business, she is also trying to better her community. She plans to open multiple urban gardens to help children learn the importance of fresh and healthy food. Working with local school to get the students to help maintain the garden is another task she strives for. Thinking of the greater good always goes a long way and Black Rabbit Catering is leading the way to a better future.

To learn more about Black Rabbit Catering please visit, Instagram Chef_Rabbit_, Twiter ChefRabbit, and Facebook BlackRabbitCatering.



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