Black Business Spotlight: Pop My Button Off Catering


When looking for a catering company to host your events, there are tons of factors that go into choosing the right one. From food options, location, to price, these have to be all calculated into receiving the best catering experience. Well if you are looking for a fun filled service with top of the line food then Pop My Button Off Catering is here to serve you!

Pop My Button Off Catering is a Los Angeles based catering service that was started by Latasha Holts. In the beginning, Holts was just cooking for her family on a regular basis but transitioned that into a business after her grandmother suggested she should turn her gift of cooking into a career. With the passion she possesses, getting this off the ground would be no problem. Whether you are at a wedding, birthday party, or need a personal chef, you will not be disappointed by the food.

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There are so many delicious food options that you can choose from when looking at Pop My Button Off Catering. Jerk chicken salad, blacken salmon, or garlic butter shrimp are just some of the amazing options you can feast from and will literally “pop your button off.” One of her favorite and most popular dishes to prepare is the famous taco bar that has 5 to 8 different meats. When you have the choice of buffalo chicken, whiskey chicken, parmesan chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, and tilapia, one cannot help to be excited for their event to come.

As Holts continues to push her business to new heights, she is honored to cook food for people of all backgrounds. From the homeless to other business owners, her passion and love for cooking can be felt in every meal.  Owning a line of food trucks is something she plans to have in the future while having her special sauce served in grocery stores worldwide. If you have not ordered from Pop My Button Off Catering then make that call today!

To learn more Pop My Button Off Catering call (323)-540-1265,  Instagram pop_my_button_off_catering, Facebook Popmy Buttonoff,  and Twitter popmybuttonoff.


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