Black Business Spotlight: Home Cook 919



When searching for that real seafood experience, the east coast is the place to go if you ever get a chance. Many argue that the greater Maryland area is the best place to get a true seafood experience. One couple learned the art of prepping that amazing Maryland style seafood and is making waves in the Atlantic region.

Home Cook 919 is family owned and operated catering company ran by Johnathon and Addisondra McCullough. Although located in North Carolina, the McCullough’s have culinary experience from the Maryland area where seafood is big. Home Cook 919 brings a wide range of diversity to their food which includes African-American, Native-American, and Caribbean influences. Their goal is to provide an entertaining experience with home cooked food that will excite your taste buds.

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Those who have had experienced Home Cook 919 know that your life will change after you have eaten their meals. The Seafood Broil is the most popular dish but there are plenty of other options that will satisfy your appetite. From Cornish hens, shrimp tacos, or Blackened-Cajun salmon, the customers keep coming back for more.

Despite the food truck wave taking over the food game, Hook Cook 919 service will be around for a very long time. They plan on getting a full brick and mortar location where events can be held. Eventually Home Cook 919 will transition into a food truck but for now all of your seafood needs can be catered to you directly.

To learn more about Home Cook 919 visit, Instagram homecook919, Twitter HOMECOOK919, and Facebook HOMECOOK919.



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