Black Business Spotlight: MGhalichi


Branding yourself in today’s society can be difficult despite all of the outlets we have at our disposal. The competition to gain notoriety in the entertainment field can put a hold on anyone’s career if you do not have the right attributes. Well, if you ever come across Milagro Ghalichi, just know she is a multi-talented woman who is going places.

The MGhalichi brand is a multipurpose platform that combines music and fashion all in one. Ghalichi is a music producer and has her own clothing line as well. The native of Cleveland, Ohio knows you have to cater to the people, so her work is always made to make the customer feel special. The lingerie she designs gives a comfortable feel that will make any woman confident; designs that give you that high price designer look at a more affordable cost.

When it comes to music, the beats Ghalichi creates have all types of sounds for all types of artists. Being an artist in today’s society allows for a ton of creativity due to those who have come before us. She gathers her inspiration from a number of musical legends like Missy Elliot, Kanye West, and Teddy Riley. Ghalichi has taken advantage of those influences to help create her own sound. Despite not having years of experience, her sound and work as a producer has started to gain respect in the music industry.  It is only a matter of time until she breaks out into the mainstream market.

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As this talented brand continues to make waves in the fashion and music industry, MGhalichi plans to give back to those who want to achieve the same dream. Her dream also includes to open an arts academy for the youth, taught by professionals. You can expect the MGhalichi brand to have a worldwide impact for years to come.

To learn more about MGhalichi visit, Instagram @mghalichi, and Twitter @mghalichi.



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