Black Business Spotlight: Nana Queen Puddery


After indulging in a delicious meal, dessert, even when we are filled to the “brim” is something for which we all make an exception.  There are so many options from which you can choose; cakes, pies, ice cream are just a few. A choice where you can never go wrong is banana pudding, a pudding that gets everyone excited, the kind that your grandmother made.  If it’s not on the menu or your family is not able to whip some up from scratch then you might want to get in contact with Nana Queen Puddery and get place your order!

Nana Queen Puddery is a dessert company started by Janel Prator that specializes in over 20 different kinds of banana pudding. The word “puddery” is a spin off from the word ‘bakery”.  Prator started her business in 2006 when she would make pudding for her coworkers who bragged about her cooking skills.  She started selling her pudding at local bake sales. As word got out and her products got more popular, she expanded to festivals and other big events. The community has shown an immense amount of positive support to Nana Queen Puddery desserts as they come back for seconds.

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What makes Nana Queen Puddery banana pudding the best in town is the presentation and quality ingredients. For one, when you first lay eyes on some Oreo banana pudding your mouth will probably start watering.  Prator makes sure her product is appealing to the eye from the container it comes in to the way the cookies are placed on top.  She works hard to ensure the quality of her pudding is consistent and using the best ingredients makes that happen. Every time you come back to get more pudding, it tastes just as delicious as the first time.

For now Los Angeles is the only area getting most of the love with these wonderful desserts, but Nana Queen Puddery plans to expand and get their product out to the masses. Becoming a household name is a goal as Prator sees her pudding in every store possible with food trucks making the rounds as well.  You just might see multiple puddery stores in your city sooner than later.

To learn more about Nana Queen Puddery you can contact via email thenanaqueenspuddery@gmail, Instagram nanaqueens_puddery, or Facebook nanaqueenspuddery.


One thought on “Black Business Spotlight: Nana Queen Puddery

  1. Ladies im truly proud of you both! I just got finished watching y. ou on “Indyur own business”.Yoyre going to be successful! I wish to see your proud in al the nation’s grocery store. Try marketing WEGMANS GROCERY STORE. I love a positive ending…..


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